October 19,20,21 · Toyota Park, Bridgeview, IL
October 19,20,21
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Giving back

At MegaEvents, we believe in being generous with our time, knowledge, and expertise. We want to be helpful to charities, local communities, and social projects. One of the ways we involve ourselves in local communities is participating in and sponsoring locally-based ventures and projects.

As a result, we've become a sponsor of Side By Side Smiles - a charity that is dedicated to helping children with cleft lip or palate get the surgeries they need.

Side By Side Smiles

Every three minutes, a child is born with either a cleft lip or palate. ​While neither of these conditions are life threatening, both can cause speech impairments, trouble with teeth, and breathing problems. This is detrimental to a child's development as well as later life; however, a few surgeries in a child's early life can help solve the issue.

All of the proceeds received by Side By Side Smiles help sponsor cleft lip and palate surgeries for children in need. Every dollar counts!

Learn more about Side By Side Smiles

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